Daily Travel Tip – The Journey

Continuing with our travel tips we look at the journey and how you can make the best of what is part of your adventure to paradise otherwise known as St Lucia. Here you will also want the best villa rental and Akasha fits that bill.

Book a Window Seat.

The view is usually the best if you get the window seat and this is defiantly true when you fly to the Caribbean. Marvel at the small islands, beaches and clear turquoise sea. When you fly to St Lucia book a seat on the left hand side of the plane – almost guarantees you a view of the world famous Pitons. If you know where to look it also means you can see your future home, Akasha for the vacation of a lifetime.

Freshen Up.

On overnight flights take a face towel and a ziplock bag on the plane with you. Shortly before landing ask the flight attendant for a cup of warm water. Put the warm water in the bag and then the face towel – so it gets warm. Then use the towel to freshen up. This is what they do in the First Class cabin.

Quick Visas.

If you need a visa to visit a country call the consulate of that country and ask if you can get a visa on arrival at the airport. Not only is this quicker than all the paperwork at the consulate but also a lot cheaper, make sure you have US dollars or local currency as credit cards may not be accepted. You will not be even required to get photos for the visa at the border.

Passport Check.

Before flying to a foreign country check that you have at least two blank pages in your passport and at least 6 months before it expires. Many countries require you to have the blank pages to stamp on arrival and also that it is valid for six months before entry.

Consider these tips and your holiday of a lifetime will get off to a great start. On such a trip you will clearly want to stay at the most luxurious villa in St Lucia and also home to celebrities and that’s what Akasha is.

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