Daily Travel Tips 101

Akasha is pleased to offer you more travel tips on New Year’s Eve.

Call the Concierge

Planning a trip to somewhere new means it’s difficult to know how much you can pack into a day. Why not call the concierge at your hotel (or villa) to run your plans by him or her. They might suggest some changes as they know how practical your plans are. If you are lucky they may even give you better options. At Akasha the local team and owners are always willing to assist you in planning your visit to St Lucia.

Share the Workload

All vacations need planning and it can be a difficult task so why not share it. Split the tasks and make each person responsible for different tasks and that way everyone will own the trip. This is great way to get younger family members to learn responsibility and learn new things. You could split the tasks this way – getting to the airport, getting to your villa, organise the local trips and packing lists etc.

Minimize Chances of Delays

Delays to your journey are the last thing you want so book flights which depart in the morning, the earlier the better. These planes usually arrive the night before so there is less chance of them being late departing. Added bonus is that the crew should be fresh.

St Lucia’s best know luxury villa, Akasha, is happy to pass these short travel tips to all our friends and guests – past and future, to make your luxury trip even more enjoyable.

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