Daily Travel Tips 101

Akasha hopes all our friends and guests enjoy their travels in 2013. Here we offer you some tips on making your travel that more enjoyable.

DIY Makes Sense
Do not assume package holidays are more economical. Luxury is not a packaged product when it comes to vacations. If a number of friends or a family are travelling together, it pays to check out a DIY option. Price out the flights and a villa rental and then divide the total cost by number of travelers and compare that to a packaged trip. While you are at it, compare the quality you are getting, so look at the space, freedom and flexibility you get on both. The quality of a DIY trip will nearly always be better.

Take in a Travel Show

If there is travel show near-by go and see what deals they can offer.  Arm yourself with information about the current costs and deals that are out there before you go so you can recognise a good deal. Tell the sales person what you can get on line and elsewhere as part of your negotiations and ask for additional discount.  Use your smartphone while you are at the show and show the sales person what you can get and use that as a bargaining tool.

Frequent Flyer Bonus

Do not miss out on the additional miles you are offered as frequent flyers. Make sure you read the flyers, emails and statements you get. Often these additional miles are advertised in there and no where else.


When you are considering luxury villas then Akasha in St Lucia certainly comes in to play.  It is well known for it’s stunning views of the Caribbean Sea and east coast of St Lucia – a super vacation island with a luxury villa, an unbeatable combination.

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