Daily Travel Tips 101

We continue to bring you daily tips on getting the best out your luxury vacation no matter where you are travelling to. Hopefully it’s to paradise St Lucia.

Delete the Cookie

Most websites make use of “cookies” on your pc and so they know which sites you have visited and the rates you were quoted. The sites can be (and often are) programmed to not reduce any quotes they offered to you on a previous visit. You have a number of options if you think this is happening to you. You can go to another computer in a different location and get the latest quote, you can get a friend to get a quote from their house, or you can unplug your modem and then power it up again after 20 seconds. The last of these typically fools the local service provider to give your pc a new IP address. That way the website does not know you have recently visited. One final option if you know a little bit about technology is to clear out your cookies for that site and you will then be offered the very latest prices and availability.

Not a Frequent Flyer

Even if you are not a frequent flyer it is still worth joining as you can redeem the miles from “points.com”. The site allows you to redeem the points for music downloads and other items. So you do not miss out on maximizing your dollar.

As always Akasha, your home in paradise is pleased you offer these tips. If you have any questions relating to the Travel Tips or about your vacation at St Lucia’s best luxury villa rental then just contact us.

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