Daily Travel Tips 101 The Journey

Today we bring you more travel tips. Here are our suggestions for when you are actually on the journey to your luxury vacation.

Let the Luggage Find You.

Lost luggage can be a real pain so why not put your details inside the checked luggage. Include where you are going and your home phone number but not your address. That way if the luggage tag falls off when officials open it – they can easily find you and then forward to your destination or home.

Keep the Brain Working.

If you like doing crosswords, Sudoku or other puzzles then start cutting them out of the papers a month or two before you depart and put them in a folder. Saves on buying those thick books and you can discard then easily. They also pack easily into your pocket and or hand luggage.

Say Yes to the Free Treats.

On long haul flights your airline may offer you drinks at what can be odd times – peanuts for breakfast. Take them and put them away for a time when you do feel peckish, a free treat rather than an expensive one from an airport shop always wins.

Want to Sleep on the Flight.

If you want to sleep on your flight then you are more likely to nod off if you are tired. A good way to get tired is to work out before you travel to the airport.

Jump the Queue.

No one likes to queue least of all when your flight is delayed. So if your flight is cancelled or is suffering a long delay and there is a long queue at the service counter why not call the 800 free phone for the airline. Make sure you have a note of it before you leave home if you do not have a smartphone. They will answer your call quicker than getting to the front of the queue and should be able to rearrange your travel more quickly.

So there you have some suggestions of how to travel on your dream vacation to paradise in St Lucia. Where better to stay than the best luxury family villa rental in St Lucia – Akasha.

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