Daily Travel Tips 101 – Packing

Akasha is always looking to help guests not only when they get to the best villa rental in St Lucia but also before they arrive and that’s why we like to offer these helpful hints.

Keep Your Luggage Dry.

Sometimes it’s not just leaks from your luggage you have to worry about. If someone else’s case leaks yours can get wet or sometimes luggage gets left on the tarmac in the rain and that can get in. Use bin liners to line your suitcase and this will reduce the amount of liquid that gets into your case.

Make a List to Pack.

If you travel on a regular basis it pays to make a list of items you want to pack. Just store it on your computer/smartphone and use it as a check list next time you pack. It’s so much easier than having to think about it every time. Add to the list from each trip then pretty soon you will have list which covers every type of trip.

Photograph Your Luggage.

If you lose your luggage and want to claim on the insurance you will need to describe the items. So make it easier why not take some pictures with your smartphone and then you can email the pictures to your insurance company.

Reuse Your Hotel Containers.

If you stay in hotels do not throw away those empty containers – bring them home. On your next trip fill these with your own shampoo etc and you can use them on your trip. In addition you will not need to buy any containers. Put these into a ziplock bag and you are ready to go.

Use those Key Chains.

Ever wondered what to do with those key chains you get as a freebie. Why not attach them to your zippers on bags – not only does it make it easier to zip and unzip the bags but also your bags become easier to identify in Luggage Reclaim.

Packing for the luxury trip can be tiresome so to help you arrive fresh at Akasha we offer these short tips. Once you are at Akasha you can be assured you will be soon relaxing with the glass of wine (or beer) and admiring that golden sunsets – Luxury with a golden glow.

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