Daily Travel Tips 101 – Packing for a Luxury Trip

Akasha, brings you daily travel tips. Our series now focuses on how to pack for your trip to save you weight and dollars.

Don’t Lose All Your Luggage.

It’s always a pain if you arrive at your destination and your luggage doesn’t make it. If you are travelling with someone minimize the risk of losing your entire luggage by splitting it with your travelling companion. Put half of your luggage in their case and vice verse – that way if one suitcase goes missing then at least you both have some of your clothes.

Hide Your Valuables.

Ladies like to travel with some expensive jewellery and if the place you are staying at does not have a safe then hide them in containers where thieves are unlikely to look. Try your medication canisters, contact lens containers or older style film canisters.

Carry-on or Check-in.

If you are not sure about the weight of your check-in luggage, put the heavier items in the carry-on. Go one step further and make sure that you can take items out of the carry-on if you are asked to check that in at the plane door. The final step would be to include a smaller bag within the carry-on. You can then take this smaller bag out of the carry on easily and still take the most valuable items with you.

Akasha is pleased to provide these and other travel tips for our friends, guests and all readers of our blog. In St Lucia you will not find a better place where we have put the same care and thought as we have into these travel tips. If you have any questions about the travel tips or about your luxury vacation in St Lucia then feel free to contact us.

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