Daily Travel Tips 101 – Packing for Paradise

After our break for the new year and Christmas we return with more packing tips for your trip to paradise – St Lucia.

Mix and Match Before You Go.

You want to look your best on your vacation and that usually means taking lots of clothes – wrong. Chose two of your favorite colors that match then take clothes of those colors and when you get to St Lucia just mix and match them. This reduces the items you need to take and also you still look great.

Stop Your Luggage Smelling.

On a long haul trip your luggage will locked up for long time so can begin to smell a little musty or take on board the aroma of the plane. Put a fabric softener in your case and it will keep your clothes fresh and dry.

Are You a Regular Traveler?

Packing is usually worst part of the trip, especially for men, so why not reduce the time it takes. Keep the items you take every time together near where you store your cases or go one step further and keep some items in you open suitcase.

Ziplock Your Toiletries.

There can be nothing worse than opening your luggage to find your toiletries have leaked all over your clothes. Before packing place them in a ziplock bag and if they leak the liquid will stay within the bag and your clothes stay dry.


To reduce the amount of space you need for your items why not pack items within each other. So put all your toiletries in say a re-usable water bottle which you can also use when you are out and about for drinking water. In St Lucia its good to stay hydrated.

Keep the Washing Separate.

When you have a trip which involves numerous stops and hence packing and unpacking your laundry can make your other clothes less desirable to wear. Pack a soft bag in your case and then put your laundry in to that when you repack. Put this back in the main case – you still only have one bag. Put that fabric softener in the case and you cant go wrong.

So there you have some tips not only for reducing the weight of your luggage but also on how to keep the items fresh on your travels. Of course if you come to stay at Akasha, St Lucia’s best luxurious villa then Julietta, our housekeeper, will be on hand to wash your clothes before you return. Just what you would expect from a trip to a super rental villa.

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