Daily Travel Tips 101

Today Akasha offers you further tips for preparing for the luxury trip you are planning.

Low Fare Finder
The number of budget airlines is constantly increasing around the globe and it’s difficult to know where they fly to so why not take a look at www.whichbudget.com. Here you just enter where you want to go and it will tell you which airline flies there. So if you fly to a hub airport then use a budget airline your budget will stretch further than you think. To St Lucia you will find JetBlue flies from the USA.

Print the Map
If you are travelling to another country and do not have a local data plan then downloading a map can give you a nasty shock when you get home to see your cell phone bill. Print off local maps for the places you want to visit and take them with you. Just file them neatly in a folder and have them handy for when you get to your destination.

Enjoy Your Layover
Sometimes when you fly long haul you find yourself with a long layover. Why not get a local taxi to take you to a luxury hotel nearby or use their free shuttle which they offer. Once you get there buy a pass to their spa, have some dinner and a glass of wine. This is much nicer way to spend your time than sitting in an airport lounge and it won’t break the bank. If you are flying to St Lucia check where you can enjoy a free stop over – Miami is a great place to chill before getting to paradise.

St Lucia’s best holiday villa, Akasha is happy to bring these tips to you based on our experience and that of many other travelers around the world.

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