Daily Travel Tips – Safety

Where ever you go for that vacation of a lifetime it’s important that you have a safe trip. Help yourself by taking some simple steps which are outlined below by Akasha, St Lucia’s Best Known Villa.

Traveler’s Checks.

Many people think these are no longer in use but you would be surprised how many banks, hotels and other establishments will still cash them. They are also more secure than your credit card and cash as ID is always required to cash them along with a signature.

Stay safe.

When you are somewhere new it’s not always easy to know where the safer places are to visit. So consult the locals – ask the hotel staff, check out websites like Tripadvisor for feedback. Also, do not do things you would not do at home like walking on a “deserted beach” in the middle of the night. At St Lucia’s most exclusive villa rental Akasha, our local team will provide you with local knowledge so you can stay safe. The villa is also equipped with a remote monitoring security system.

Carrying Cash.

Only carry enough cash for what you need that day. If you carry too much cash and the wrong people see it when you open your wallet then you could become a target for unsavory characters. Leave the remainder of your cash locked up in the safe back at your villa or hotel. Akasha has several safes for you to use.

Akasha is available all year round for renting. As always we look to provide all our guests with a safe vacation and accordingly incorporated a number of features into the villa which are designed to make your holiday safe as possible. These include, safes, alarm system, remote monitoring, fully fenced premises, electronic gates and security cameras.

So when you book your luxury vacation at Akasha you can be sure we have taken all reasonable steps and more to make it as safe as your own home. Luxury vacations do not have to be unsafe.

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