Daily Traveling Tips – 101 Packing

Preparing for the vacation of a life time not only requires lot of planning but also packing the right items along with avoiding unnecessary items to carry and paying for excess baggage. Akasha, continues to present to you some tips that experienced travelers use.

Pack a Mailing Tube.

If you are the kind of traveller who buys paintings or maps and then struggle keeping them flat in the luggage. Pack a mailing tube and put them in the tube – then you can either pack the tube or alternatively just post it to yourself.

Bring the Sarong.

Ladies and now men should pack their sarongs. These are good for not only the beach but also when you need to cover your legs to enter temples. They can be used as a pillow, blanket, or even a blanket for when you have that picnic on the beach.

Spray Bottle.

In a hot climate it can be tricky to stay cool. So why not take a small spray bottle with you and on arrival at your destination fill it with water. When you are out and about you can spray yourself with it and you will be amazed how cooling it can be.

Safer with Baby Wipes.

Baby wipes are not just for babies. Take a travel pack of them with you and use them for cleaning germs on public toilet seats, phones and anything else that might carry some nasty germs. Did you know they can also remove stains?

Keep Those Slippers and Socks.

Many airlines give out slippers and sock especially on long haul flights and they get left behind when people dis-embark. Keep yours and use them. Pack your shoes in the slippers – saves soles marking your clothes and you can use them as slippers once you get to your destination. The socks will last a long time and can be reused.

Divide and Lessen the load.

If you are travelling with a companion why not decide who takes what beforehand. Do you need two hairdryers/shampoo bottles/irons – probably not.

So when you are coming on holiday at Akasha, the best family villa rental in St Lucia, feel free to make use of any of these tips. Here you will find luxury accommodation where the whole family can relax and play without fear.

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