Akasha St Lucia Luxury Holiday Villa Rental and  Caribbean's best Villa Rental. The Italian Kitchen in light blue glass and plasma screen, with views over Pigeon island

Our Vision – To create St Lucia’s Best Villa Rental

Together with our children, we traveled to many parts of the world, the Far East, USA, and Europe but we had returned to St Lucia many times. As a family we fell in love with the island and its warm and friendly people. We think you will too when you stay in St Lucia and meet the locals.

We wanted to create a luxurious quality home, which would appeal to all ages – Akasha is the final product of that vision and dream. It has something for all ages.

Our Ideas

From the very start we knew we wanted something that was Contemporary in style and took full advantage of the incredible views the location offered. To make sure this happened we even flew the architect out from the UK to see what his canvas was – it definitely helped! “My word” to quote his first thoughts. He is more of a friend now than an architect.

The younger members of the family also had an input into the design – so at least we knew they would visit us as we aged gracefully.

Sharing the Dream

Having created Akasha – our dream villa, in what can only be described as paradise we decided to share it with you, our guests. We hope when you stay in our home you come to love it and the island as much as we do. For sure our local team will treat you like royalty and an old friend returning home at the same time.

Please complete the form if you wish to stay in our home and enjoy a luxury holiday in Akasha St Lucia’s Most Luxurious Holiday Villa Rental .

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