Daily Travel Tips 101

Check out our travel tips to make that luxury vacation easier and get the most for your dollar. Today we continue to focus on the planning phase.

Use a Concierge
If you go on a luxury trip then make sure you have a Concierge who can help you arrange what you want to do – it’s so much easier than having to do it yourself. Make sure you look after the Concierge with a sensible tip as they do not earn mega bucks but know their stuff. Often they will be able to arrange things at short notice and get you ahead of the queue – knowledge is power. After all your time is valuable, and you have worked hard to earn this trip.

Google a Coupon
Search the internet and see if there are any coupons for where you are going. Just type in your destination and “coupon” and see what pops up. In addition to Google once you know the places or restaurants you want to visit why not check out their websites. Many of these places offer specials which are only advertised on their website. Join their Facebook page and tell them you are visiting them and see if they give you preferential rates. Take a look at “destinationcoupons.com”.

Buy a Coupon or Gift Certificate
Many people get coupons and never get to use them for one reason or another. Take a look on sites like Ebay where people sell these coupons for less than face value. These types of coupons are usually for flights, amusement parks and travel.

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