Travel Tips 101

Akasha offers you some tips on your luxury vacation.

Saving For That Luxury Trip
Every time you come home from work or a night out put all your change into one pot – and if you are really dedicated to go on that trip then put in the lowest value note you have in your wallet or purse in the pot. You will be amazed how quickly you are saving for the trip of a lifetime. If you are really serious why not put, say 5%, of your wage every pay day away into a special account. After the second month you won’t even miss that, but you will have enough to enjoy that trip.

Not Sure Where You Want Your Luxury Trip
Whenever you see an article about a trip that you would love to go on – cut it out from that magazine or paper or print it off and put it into a folder. When you come to think about the trip you will not be short of ideas. Include any sites or restaurants which are mentioned as you will want to know where to go once you get there.

Ask The Crew
If you are flying to somewhere and not sure where to eat, dine, drink or what to see then ask a member of the crew. On long haul flights the crew often stay over to where you are flying and know all the good spots. While you are at it, why not ask them how to get best deals once you get there.

Specialist Reading
While most of us read mainstream papers do not forget to check out specialised magazines. They often have hidden gems of where to eat, what to see. You don’t need to buy the magazines – just head to your main library where they will have all the back issues. Best bit – all that information is free.

These travel tips have been put together by Akasha – St Lucia’s most luxurious villa rental. Its the place where stars come to stay. If you would like more tips or information feel free to contact us.

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