Activities on Your Caribbean Vacation – Part 1

Our guests often ask us what Activities are there for them once they get to St Lucia on their Caribbean Vacation and stay at its Premier Villa Rental. Well there is so much to do in this blog we discuss activities for those guests who prefer physical activities.

St Lucia offers all those activities which you would expect in a Caribbean island including;
• Scuba Diving – the warm waters mean this is really like taking a warm bath
• Sailing – you can even get lessons in these calm waters
• Horse riding – on the beach
• Wind Surfing – on one of the local beaches

In addition to these you can participate in some unique activities that you will only find in St Lucia in the Caribbean;
• Piton Hiking – this World Heritage site is open for you to hike with a guide
• Walk into the local volcano – it is dormant
• Hiking in the Rainforest

For those guests looking to see what activities we can offer at Akasha then we have;
• Ping Pong and Pool – in the Games Room
• Swimming in the infinity pool
• Hiking up to the Gun Embankment in the National Park right behind the Villa.

As you can see for guests who prefer activities that involve physical exertions there is plenty to chose from. St Lucia’s Premier Villa Rental offers to arrange all these activities prior to your arrival so you get more time to fit all of them in during your Caribbean vacation.


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