Activities on Your Caribbean Vacation – Part 2

Previously we discussed the Physical Activities that are available for guests once they get to St Lucia on their Caribbean Vacation and stay at its Premier Villa Rental. This blog describes those activities for those who prefer more laid back activities.

St Lucia offers all those easy activities which you would expect in a Caribbean island including;
• Snorkeling – there are so many places around the island to snorkel and some of the best ones are just off the beach below the villa
• Sailing – hire a yacht with a crew from the Rodney Bay Marina and you can just sip the G&Ts or a glass of wine or down a crate of Pitons
• Chilling by the pool or on the beach. There are three great beaches within a seven minute drive of the villa
• Motor cruising to go and see the Whales or Dolphins

In addition to these are a number of more unique chilling activities you will find in St Lucia. You could;
• Take a helicopter ride over the World Heritage Pitons
• Have a mud bath using the Sulphur Springs from the world’s only drive in volcano
• Zip line in the Rainforest
• Take the Skytrain in the Rainforest

For those guests looking to see what easy activities we can offer at Akasha then we have;
• Dinner on the terrace prepared by a personal chef
• Relaxing by the pool and sipping that well-chilled champagne
• Watching your favorite movie in the air conditioned personal movie theater.

So as you can see guests who prefer activities that are little more laid back are well looked after. St Lucia’s Premier villa Rental offers to arrange all these activities prior to your arrival so you get more time to fit all of them in during your Caribbean vacation.


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