Advanced Dive Sites in Saint Lucia

scuba in st lucia

Saint Lucia’s tropical waters are filled with marine life that you can enjoy during snorkeling or scuba diving trips. For advanced divers, you know you cannot always choose specific spots when you go with a dive resort or commercial dive operation; however, there is nothing wrong with renting a boat and seeing some of the best dive locations in the world.

1. Devils Hole – an advanced dive site in Saint Lucia, Devils Hole has a flat coral reef at 40 feet down, but for the more adventurous and qualified, you can dive 100 feet to explore more of the reef. Often divers see grunts, Chromis, and turtles when diving this healthy reef.

2. Fairyland is named for its coral and sponges that create an undersea fairyland. This advanced dive site is one of the most popular for underwater photographers. You are likely to see sea turtles anywhere along the 40 to 200 feet of the diving area.

3. Keyhole Pinnacle – another advanced dive location; Keyhole Pinnacle has four reef peaks covered with orange and black gorgonians. Trumpetfish, snapper, seahorses, grouper, and filefishes make this reef home.

4. Coral Gardens is easy to reach by boat from Soufriere. You will be struck by the island’s beauty and the undersea locale at the island’s base and under the Pitons. Coral Gardens has depths of 90 feet, where barracuda, five-finger corals, and triggerfish reside.

5. Rosemond’s Trench might welcome you with a few seahorses. It is known for its tunnel with chimney corals along various valleys and trenches. Frogfish, turtles, and seahorses are definitely why divers rate this as a “must do” underwater attraction for any advanced diver.

Saint Lucia offers more than 20 dive locations around the island, some for novices and others for the most advanced divers. Whether you want to dive shipwrecks or coral reefs, there are plenty of sites available.

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