Adventure on Your Vacation

Looking for adventurous – Des Cartiers Rainforest is popular place to enjoy adventurous hiking and trailing on this tropical island. Mahaut, is most hidden lush rainforest of St. Lucia.

Take six mile drive inland from the east coast main highway and you can expect to see the rare Parrot (Jacquot) in St Lucia. Experience trekking in the rainforest and see the beautiful lush flora. You can also explore some of Saint Lucia’s widespread wildlife on a two-kilometer track. The experience of a botanical paradise is well worth it when in St. Lucia.

Mahaut is St. Lucia’s most concealed abundant rainforest. This is along a two hour well marked track that runs along Canelles River that ultimately leads to the ranger station. Using the secondary road to reach this destination means you have to drive around nine kilometers. Admission charges are very low just $10US Dollars. Half price for kids. This forest is open from 8:30am to 2pm.

Edmund Forest Reserve is another interesting rainforest to include in your adventure. Takes three and a half hour drive to reach the heart of the tropical island at Edmund Forest Reserve. Here you get opportunity to see some of the best gift of nature such as orchids, bromeliads, lianas, mushrooms and many others plants. Continue westward and you will get a wonderful view of Mt Gimie, this is highest peak in Saint Lucia. This forest is sprawling over 19, 000 acres of valleys and mountains and is a home for many rare and exotic plants and flowers.

If you fancy an easier way to see Mount Gimie then just trek all the way up to the look out level at Akasha and look southwards and there it is. So even if you are not too adventurous you can still see it – from a distance.

While you are at the look out level why not enjoy a glass of wine. If you been on the adventure tour and vacationing at St Lucia’s best villa rental Akasha, we think you have earned it.

Don’t forget that as part of our inclusive deals your meals are included so on your return you do not need to worry about getting the cook book out.


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