Akasha Luxury Villa Rental has Green Credentials

In today’s global village we are all aware and mindful of man’s impact on the nature all around us. We at Akasha St Lucia luxury villa rentals are no different. Bearing in mind that any development has a negative impact we were determined from day one of the project to minimise our carbon footprint and the damage to our natural beauty here in St Lucia.

Our approach included designing and building in features to Akasha St Lucia villa rental which would reduce on-going energy usage. This included:

• installing solar panels to generate hot water
• building large overhangs on terraces to keep rooms cooler
• placing opening windows so the breeze would blow through the house
• creating a stairwell so the hot air escapes naturally
• installing low voltage lighting and energy saving bulbs inside and outside in the garden
• installing energy saving appliances
• installing a central water chilled AC system which is a market leader for low energy usage
• installing fans which use less energy than AC
• using computers to control the pool pump and other pumps
• installing insulation in the roof to conserve energy
• installing energy efficient windows to reduce heat from the sun

In addition to this we;
• are capturing rain water from the roof to use in the flushing of toilets and water the local vegetation
• are directing rain water from the driveway to water the garden
• direct water away from the slopes to reduce soil erosion
• installed two sceptic tanks to remove the need to install mains drain

To replace the vegetation lost as the result of our development we planted over 1000 local plants. These included; Coffee, mangoes, bamboo, melon, coconut, okra, sweet potatoes, avocado, mangoes, sweet corn, bay trees, apple trees, limes, hibiscus, bougainvillea, allemandes, jasmine, dwarf hostas, sunflowers, variety of palm tree including Royal and Palmis, and more.

Richard, our gardener, grows local vegetables without the use of pesticides. Akasha St Lucia villa rental is happy to share these organic vegetables with our guests. So when you come and stay at Akasha St Lucia villa rental you can enjoy this wonderful produce for free and at the same time reduce your carbon offset by using these vegetables.

We believe we are the only villa in St Lucia to make use of all these features to reduce our carbon footprint. If during your stay have any ideas of how Akasha St Lucia Villa Rental can further reduce its carbon footprint feel free to contact us. So if you like luxury on your vacation and want to help future generations then Akasha St Lucia’s most luxurious villa is for you.

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