Akasha Resort Saint Lucia is COVID Certified

Akasha Resort Saint Lucia is COVID Certified

The Health and Tourism Ministry in Saint Lucia requires any resort to have a COVID-19 certification before taking customers. Visitors to the island will need to choose a Covid-certified resort or hotel for their first two weeks on the island. Once a 2-week period has passed, any other location is acceptable.

The resort had to undergo a process to be accepted as a COVID-certified location. To gain the certification, our resort had to show that we are committed to your health and safety. We established new protocols that will ensure a higher standard of health and wellbeing at our resort.

We have new house signage to remind our visitors of health and hygiene throughout the property, including wearing masks and masks’ proper disposal.

We take hand hygiene seriously, ensuring that our guests will see hand sanitizer dispensers, touchless when possible, so you can keep your hands clean and make it easier for our staff to sanitize before helping you with any need you may have.

We increased our back of house signage for our staff to help our employees understand the proper way to keep our resort COVID-free.

We do ask everyone be aware of social distancing by keeping six feet from people not in your party and limiting numbers for those who are.

We have a health care professional on staff for any need, including monitoring guests and employee’s wellbeing.

There is a new room protocol with stronger cleaning supplies and the need to rotate rooms after staying at our resort. For visitors, your space will be empty for a set period before you arrive and will be “quarantined” for a short duration after you leave to ensure that all guests walk into a wholly sanitized location.

At Akasha Resort and other resorts on the island our guest safety is paramount.

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