Akasha St Lucia Luxury Villa Activities Guide

Akasha Saint Lucia luxury villa rental offers all its guest the opportunity to book a variety of activities prior to the arrival. This means guests have more time to relax and do what they came to do – vacation, and not spend time arranging things.

Over the next few months we will be blogging about each of the activities in more detail to help you decide which activities are right for you perfect St Lucia vacation.

In this blog we describe the Piton Hike, at the UNESCO World Heritage Site on the Caribbean coast. This is a trip for the more active of our guests – but you don’t have to be an athlete to complete it just able to walk up hill at a reasonable pace for a few hours. We think the downhill walk is more difficult, but what do we know. The hike is done at your pace but always with a guide – these are fully trained by the local authorities and know the right path to take.

From Akasha St Lucia luxury villa rental you will be driven (recommended) or you can drive yourself and we will provide you with directions to Gros Piton which is the larger of the two at 2620 feet above sea level. Petite Piton at 2460 feet above sea level can be hiked but is for the more adventurous and is more difficult due to its steepness. Both are volcanic plugs which rise up from the sea.

The drive takes about 40 minutes. On the way south from Akasha there will be some really fantastic views so bring your camera along. You will also pass through the town of Soufriere which is an old French settlement. It’s where they established their base when they first came to the island. The architecture is rather reminiscent of an old French town. There are also several local restaurants at which you can stop at and enjoy some local dishes. Fred – Akasha’s manager will be happy to provide some recommendations not only for the restaurants but also beaches you may want to take a break at. You can even sample some fresh local Cassava bread and if you are really lucky see the old snake charmer by the road side.

You will need to take ample water with you as you need to make sure you do not become dehydrated!

On arrival at Gros Piton you will be met by the local guides who will give you a briefing about the hike. Make sure you take some sturdy walking shoes – you can put your flip flops back on when you get back. Along the way the guide will show you where the most advantageous spots are for the golden moment for a picture. Always take the advice of the guides – there have been incidents in the past where a rescue helicopter has had to be called out when some tourists went up on their own and got lost.

The whole hike can take about 3 to 5 hours so it is possible to combine this trip with one of the other activities – e.g. sulphur hot springs (hot mud baths), botanical gardens or just a chill on a local beach – take a picnic along.

For the really adventurous and climbers amongst you there is Mount Gimie, which is the highest point in St Lucia at 3117 feet above sea level, and visible from Akasha’s look out level and terraces. This is definitely requires guides as the route is less easy to find and has denser foliage covering the path. A full day is required for this beautiful and tropical hike.

So if this happens to take your fancy then Akasha St Lucia luxury villa rental will be happy to arrange it for you – just ask when booking.

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