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Akasha Saint Lucia luxury villa rental offers all its guest the opportunity to book a variety of activities prior to the arrival. This means guests have more time to relax and do what they came to do – vacation, and not spend time arranging things. So if you are after an all inclusive golf vacation then this may be for you. Let us know how many times you want to play and our personalised quote will be inclusive of your games.

In this blog we expand on playing golf in St Lucia. The only 18 hole championship course in St Lucia is a 4 minute drive away from St Lucia’s most luxurious villa rental.

If you want to play golf we would suggest you bring some extra balls along as the course is rather difficult and it’s all too easy to lose them. But you will be able to buy them back, at a very reasonable rate, from the locals who collect them from the bushes or the lakes that are found all over the course.

A famous golfer once said “don’t forget to smell the roses on the way round” well here you should also take some deep breaths because the air is so pure and clear. From all over the course you will get super views of the Atlantic and Caribbean Sea and from certain advantage points you will see your home for this vacation – Akasha the best St Lucia luxury villa rental on the island.

The course is a par 71 and 6685 yards and has plenty of challenging holes. Power carts are mandatory. The club house is a large warm and friendly place – there are changing rooms and showers available. The pro shop also offers duty free shopping as well as the customary club and shoe rentals. Power carts are mandatory – and trust us you will appreciate them by the end of the round. The green fees here are much more reasonable when compared to the likes of Barbados. If you want a lesson then there is a pro available but if you here during the high season seek out “Regis” – the best golf coach on the island, in my opinion.

It is hard to pick one hole which is a favourite – they are so well designed around the topology of the local landscape. My top four are:
• 5th Which is a tricky blind dog leg left, don’t over hit your tee shot or you are in trouble. The second shot to the downhill green requires the accuracy of a sharp shooter.
• 7th The most difficult hole on the course, not only because it’s long but there is OB on the right and trees down the left. Some locals will even play for the fairway (4th hole) coming up the other side to avoid trouble. Take care as the fairway slopes right to left and there is the strong Atlantic wind in your face. But the view out from the tee is awesome and sometimes you can see a ship sailing over the horizon towards St Lucia.
• 11th A downhill with water to the front of green. Watch for the glory hole on the right hand side by the bunker – this is big trouble if you end up here. Again the view from the tee is incredible, this time over the Caribbean Sea.
• 15th Another great view out to the Caribbean sea from the tee and is a deceptive downhill – be warned the green always runs right to left, your eyes will be deceived. Take care not to be too far right otherwise your ball may just end up in the back of a local truck heading in to Rodney Bay!

After playing why not stay and have a few Piton beers on the large expansive terrace which overlooks the 18th hole. The club house also offers good quality food including local St Lucian dishes like salt fish and broth. If you are there during a tournament you can get to play in them as the members always welcome guests to join in.

Our suggestion is you should play as early in the morning as you can – course is open from dawn, my favourite time is 7.00am. Our Concierge Manager will book a tee off time for you and drop you off or call the shuttle from the course to pick you up. We would also recommend you take a few bottles of water to stay hydrated – again our Manager will pack those for you (and if you insist a few beers).

There are also two 9 hole courses on the island but in comparison to the St Lucia Golf course in our opinion do not compare. Two other 18 hole courses are being built but at the moment these projects are effectively on hold. As soon as they are completed and playable we will let you know.

Coming back to those who want all inclusive vacation i.e. more than golf check out Akasha’s concierge service to see our list of what we can include in your vacation of a lifetime.

We at Akasha Villa Luxury villa rental want to make your round and vacation a memorable one so if you have any questions about the golf (or villa) just ask.

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