All Inclusive – St Lucia Luxury Villa Akasha brings in new concept

One of the regular questions that is asked in the Travel Cyberspace is – “what is All Inclusive” and should you chose that option?

All Inclusive is typically meant to be a vacation or holiday where you pay for everything before you leave home and not have to dip into your pocket for things like – a higher grade of wine in the restaurant or the sunset cruise when you arrive at your resort.   Then there is the question of “is Service Charge included in the All Inclusive rate”.   If it is included – how much of it actually goes to the staff who delivered you that great experience?

Akasha’s St Lucia’s most Luxurious Villa Rental has taken a different approach to All-Inclusive by offering its guests the option to be “Inclusive” as much as they like or not at all.  So how does this work?

Well we start with the initial position of offering our guests a Luxury Villa Rental so the starting standard is pretty high.   Then we offer guests the option to add to that any one or more of a host of options which guests can chose to ‘include or not’ in their vacation.

This way guests at Akasha St Lucia Luxury Villa Rental get to chose exactly what they would like to include in their vacation (and price) with us – so they do not have to pay for things they did not want nor do they have to pay for hidden extras when they get here. Take a look at what you can include as part of your All Inclusive vacation at Akasha St Lucia Luxury Villa Rental.  This we believe is a transparent way of conducting business with our guests so no nasty surprises when you get here.   We quote you a price for your personalized All-Inclusive vacation.

With regard to Service Charge – Akasha St Lucia Luxury Villa Rental leaves that entirely at the discretion of the guests who can reward our staff at the Villa if they wish, there is no preset amount either if guests do chose to give our host team a reward.   This way the whole amount goes directly to the team at the Villa and rightly so!

Being transparent is the way Akasha St Lucia Luxury Villa Rental likes to conduct business.

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