American Airlines Boosts Flights to St. Lucia

American Airlines Boosts Flights to St. Lucia

American Airlines has not serviced St. Lucia for ten years. The company has decided to re-introduce two flights. The flights will travel to St. Lucia each day. The first captain and crew of American Airlines to make the flight were greeted by Dominic Fedee, the tourism minister.

Fedee is happy to see American Airlines return. It is going to help increase the tourism industry. He stated it was a big day to see American Airlines flight and knowing they have added two per day. The hotel community is happy. Even employees of the hotels are happy and so is the government.

The new flight will bring 1,500 new seats to the island. It is an important concept. While the flights may not run full, the added people they can bring per day will significantly help. With more flights, there is a resounding effect of more people in the hotels.

Duane Shlegel was the captain who brought the first flight of travelers to St. Lucia. Shlegel stated American Airlines is seeing people want to come to the island and their flights are already busy.

The captain stated it is fantastic for the island and it is great that the company is able to create the flights because the demand is there. The captain is seeing that people want to enjoy the facilities on the island, including the hotels. He has friends that have come and want to return.

American Airlines two flights create a bridge from Hewannora International Airport to Miami’s International Airport. The flight leaves at 8 am from St. Lucia, giving the captain a little time to take in the island.

For now, the company has only discussed two flights per day. Perhaps with the changes to the airport coming in the next year, they will consider adding more.

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