Andersen Global Location in Saint Lucia

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Andersen Global is undergoing expansion by reaching into the Caribbean. Under the Collaboration Agreement, the company will enter Saint Lucia. The company provides independent tax, valuation, and financial advice to their clients. The agreement allows Andersen Global to work with Du Boulay, Anthony, and Company to help reach those who need their specialty in Saint Lucia. While this may not seem likely to benefit the tourism industry, there are actually many reasons it can. A global company has a broader reach to handle issues and create agreements that help the tourism industry, including expansion projects, assisting new companies to gain a foothold in Saint Lucia, and much more.

Du Boulay, Anthony, and Company was founded fifteen years ago. Their team of professionals offers corporate and commercial legal help, family law, conveyancing, real estate, foreign investment, and litigation assistance.

According to Du Boulay, Anthony, and Company representatives, they have always sought to offer the best quality through stewardship and transparency and work with partners who have the same beliefs in providing professional legal help.

The goal is to remain a leading law firm that helps their clients while also collaborating with a more global team to help meet the changing business world’s demands.

Andersen Global’s chairman stated Saint Lucia is an important market for their organization and their global strategy to provide multinational legal assistance. The team has already proven helpful with legal advice in the region. Even with Covid-19, the company has been able to expand its global options into the Caribbean. Andersen Global is a younger company than Du Boulay, Anthony, and Company. It was founded in 2013—they employ over 6,000 people around the world in 206 locations.

Not only will opening a firm with a collaboration agreement benefit clients, but it can also add a few jobs for legal representatives in Saint Lucia.

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