Another Five Reasons To Tour Saint Lucia

Bird Watching

Our last article discussed the top five things to do while you visit Saint Lucia, but of course, that wasn’t all. So here are five more ways you can tour the island and enjoy your holiday.

Pigeon Island National Landmark is one of the most historically significant locations. European settlers arrived in Saint Lucia during the 16th century. Many were French pirates trying to find Spanish ships. Eventually, this landmark became Fort Rodney, a place for the British to defend the island against the French. You will see barracks and bunkers, plus the military museum.

Next is the Rainforest Aerial Tram, which allows you to take a cable car over the rainforest canopy and explore Saint Lucia from a different perspective. The tramway has 16 open-air gondolas with a nature interpreter on board to answer any questions about the island.

Rodney Bay Village offers a man-made lagoon of eighty acres, plus the marina. You can enjoy the resort life, clubs, bars, and more by staying in this area.

Next on the list is birdwatching for those who love nature. Saint Lucia has six species of birds that are unique to the Caribbean. The most notable is the national parrot, which is easy to recognize. There is also the oriole and pewee. Of course, the six species are just endemic to the island, and there are more than 180 total bird species. Millet Bird Sanctuary, Vieux Fort Wetlands, and Des Cartier Rainforest Trail are the best places to see birds on the island.

The last adventure option includes scuba diving or snorkeling. You can take scuba diving lessons once you reach the island if you have never enjoyed this fantastic sport. Scuba diving is the best way to see the underwater world for at least forty-five minutes to an hour. Saint Lucia is known for its reefs and aquatic marine life.

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