Anse Chastanet – New York Times one to see before you die

St Lucia Luxury Villa Rental Akasha is pleased to read that New York Times has voted the Anse Chastanet beach as one that you should visit before you die – that’s a great recommendation.  The article relating to the beach is re-produced below.

“CARIBBEAN beach vacations sometimes get a bad rap. Too much monotony, the naysayers grumble. The only thing to do is lie on the beach, and they all look the same. But the Caribbean Sea — with islands that are flat, mountainous, tiny and vast — is specked with beaches that defy tropical conventions. There are beaches with grey sand, beaches with pink sand, those that seem to go on forever without any sign of human life, and others that hum with activity.” St Lucia beaches on the Caribbean side are the best on the island – and much safer.

“It’s understandable that Anse Chastanet may not make everyone’s Top 10 list for Caribbean beaches.  A lot of beach-goers like their water turquoise and their sand white. Anse Chastanet, on St. Lucia’s western coast, has a sparkling ash gray composition. Courtesy of Anse Chastanet Resort, which occupies the land surrounding the beach, a row of oversize thatch umbrellas provide shade where the palm trees that bow down toward the water don’t. (Tip: wear flip-flops, because when the sun is at its hottest, standing on the beach can feel like standing on a tennis court with no shoes on.)  The water is not conventional Caribbean shades of blue and green, either. It is dark, almost like a lake. But there is excellent visibility underwater, making snorkelling one of the favourite pastimes here.”

Honeymooners will enjoy the calm water and clear blue skies when they visit this beach to chill out. If you want a private beach then we will find you one.

That is really great from New York Times – and when you book a boat trip at Akasha St Lucia Villa Rental we will take to this very same beach which is otherwise difficult to access.   We can vouch for the snorkelling there.  So make your holiday special and push the boat out and let us arrange for Captain Tom to take you out to those hidden beaches – don’t forget that the views from Akasha Luxury Villa Rental include three local beaches.

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