Anse Chastanet Resort Offers Vegan Menu

Anse Chastanet Resort Offers Vegan Menu

Traveling, whether you have a special diet or simply choose to avoid certain foods, often brings up the question of if you can find what you love to eat on vacation. Anse Chastanet Resort announced the launch of their vegan menu to add to their already diversified options. Each night the Caribbean resort in St. Lucia provides the Caribbean, seafood, East Indian, and St. Lucian fusion cuisine. Their cuisine is typically vegetarian with numerous vegan choices. However, Anse Chastanet says. Emeralds restaurant will not be exclusive to vegans with their tapas-style menu.

Items will include cauliflower accras with lime, St. Lucian, mango chutney, scallions, and breadfruit gnocchi. The person behind the menu is James Beard, along with help from Allen Susser and Frank Faucher. Emeralds will host international chefs renowned for their vegan entrees.

The resort will gather local fruits, herbs, spices, vegetables, and greens from Soufriere Hills, about a twenty-minute drive from the resort. The farm supplies several restaurants with locally grown vegetables and fruits.

Guests are also invited to enjoy cooking classes or sensory immersion visits to the farm. The resort has supported local farmers through buying their produce.

Anse Chastanet has twelve miles of hiking and biking trails, along with 600 acres of estate. Offshore from the resort is a coral reef that divers can visit. It is also possible to get certified by local PADI instructors at the in-house dive shop. Anse Chastanet has a chocolate lab where you can learn about making chocolate from the cocoa trees found on the island.

Anse Chastanet is just one of the resort’s visitors can choose. Their new vegan menu is worth discussing as a benefit of staying at their location; however, it should also be stated other resorts offer local fare created from local suppliers.

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