Bahamas Ministry of Tourism and Aviation Employs Both Traditional and Digital Marketing to Further Boost Local Tourism

Hon. Dionisio D’Aguilar, Minister of Tourism and Aviation revealed the steadfast 10.2% year-to-date growth of international arrivals as seen in the historic records of Lynden Pindling International Airport, high hotel occupancy rates across the islands specifically in Nasau as well as in other parameters and reports.

Leading the pack of tourists coming to The Bahamas is the US followed by Canada showing an increase of 29.6% last July.

D’Aguilar credits the double-digit increase to the intensive and highly efficient strategies involving tapping travel journalists and digital influencers supplemented with the impeccable combination of content marketing and traditional advertising.

The communication program for the fiscal year of 2018-2019 covers press trips and familiarization tours for travel journalists, content creators, and influencers to specific islands to help promote destinations and activities based on specific target and platform for the North American market.

Islands enjoy specific marketing tools to address growth goals

For The Bahamas, US and Canadian writers and influencers enjoy press trips to The Abacos, promoting the island as part of the island hopping activities as well as positioning it as a family-friendly destination. Travel journalists from top publications such as Good Housekeeping, Red Tricycle, and Essence are one of the participants of the trip.

The Ministry of Tourism and Aviation did a different strategy for Grand Bahamas Island. For this destination, they focused on digital media, inviting top influencers with high following and engagement on their Instagram. Thus, the campaign made use of visuals showing the beaches and heritage sites.

                                                Photo via Unsplash


Communication plan also includes campaigns for seasonal travel. Take for example the ministry’s campaign for Cat Island as a fall destination. Cat Island was also promoted to help boost new flights offered by American Airlines.

Combining both digital and traditional media for best results

Working with digital influencers and North American media is not enough for the ministry. They also implemented various content marketing programs to spread the world, even not forgetting traditional marketing strategies.

By complementing traditional marketing programs with amplified content digital marketing and press trips for journalists and digital influencers, The Bahamas Ministry of Tourism and Aviation is confident in expecting continued growth of international tourist arrivals.




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