Bay Garden Resorts Receives Award

Bay Garden Resorts Receives Award

Bay Garden Resorts has five properties in Saint Lucia, and three of them earned the Green Globe Certificate. The entire resort group is locally owned and operated. It is nestled in Rodney Bay Village.

Rodney Bay Village is known as the place for entertainment, as the area is used to host several festivals and music venues throughout the year.

Bay Gardens Beach Resort, Bay Gardens Inn, and Bay Gardens Hotel are the three hotels that have earned their certification for being committed to tourism while lowering the resorts’ impact on the surrounding environment.

The guestrooms used 15% less energy due to GEM link sensors. All three resorts have LED lights inside and out. They have also removed plastics from their hotel, going with biodegradable utensils and items, many of which are made from paper, wood, and sugarcane extract.

The resorts also ended using foam packaging products, changed out air conditioning units to be more energy-efficient, and created a farm to fork menu. The ingredients for the menu come from local farms, and there has been a considerable effort to reduce food waste.

Sanovnik Destang, the executive director, told media, Bay Gardens Resorts is aware of the connection between the environment, climate, and health and wellbeing for our staff, guests, and community. The director further stated the company has been quick to ensure proper health procedures during Covid-19. It was essential to keep all 350 employees working despite the pandemic.

As the island reopened, Bay Gardens instilled new health and standards protocols within the latest health and tourism guidelines. The resort also upgraded its website to help show the groups’ approach to cleaning, safety, and health for tourists.

Bay Garden Resorts’ five properties, including the three with the green certificate, are just a few of the places one can stay on the island, but the three resorts deserve kudos for helping the environment.

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