Best Of Saint Lucia


Are you planning your trip to Saint Lucia soon? Perhaps you want to know the best things to do on the Caribbean Island? Saint Lucia is filled with numerous attractions on the island and the sea.

Pigeon Island National Landmark is the number one tourist destination of Saint Lucia. Pigeon Island appeals to numerous travelers because of its history. It is also home to the Saint Lucia Jazz and Arts Festival every year. In addition, you can tour Fort Rodney, enjoy the panoramic views, and sit on the beach.

Reduit Beach is a free attraction. It is one of the most well loved beaches by locals and travelers. The shoreline offers closeness to bars, shops, restaurants, and the marina for any watersports you want to enjoy.

Anse Chastanet is not only a beach but also a resort area. In this neighborhood, you can enjoy the views, water, and sandy beach. There is a scuba dive shop at the resort if you like to dive.

The Pitons are next on the list for those who enjoy hiking and higher views. If you want to get away from the beach, find some shade, and see out across the Caribbean, hiking the Pitons is the best option. The Pitons are between Choiseul and Soufriere. You have the Gros Piton and Petit Piton to visit.

Diamond Falls Botanical Garden is the fifth place to visit while you are in Saint Lucia. You can reach it by hiking the Pitons or driving to a different trailhead. The falls offer unique rainbow colors throughout the day, plus the six-acre protected land provides a forest of flowers.
The best of Saint Lucia includes many other attractions, but these are the top five things you will definitely want to do when you are on the island. Several guides are available to help you see the island.

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