Best Times To Travel To St. Lucia

Best Times To Travel To St. Lucia

Traveling to the Caribbean takes a little planning if you want pleasant weather. Traveling between May and June are the best times to gain perfect weather, plus enjoy the St. Lucia Jazz and Arts Festival. The festival is held each year in May and a fantastic way for music lovers to have a wonderful time on the island. The festival is held at Pigeon Island National Landmark. The temperatures are also in the high seventies and eighties, with some afternoon showers.

For those who cannot make it in the early summer months, then consider late summer and fall. The island is still filled with plenty of summer activities to keep you entertained. However, you need to remember hurricane season begins in late summer. There is more of a chance for rain and overcast days, with the possibility of more significant storms.

Both periods of the year are great for finding fantastic room rates. The more expensive time to travel is during the winter when temperatures are lower, and more people are trying to escape the snowy weather in the north. December to April is undoubtedly the driest season in St. Lucia, but rooms become harder to find, and at a higher price, you might find it more difficult to budget.

With holidays, festivals, and crowds at most of the hotels, December to April might provide the best weather, but you may be happier traveling during late spring.

Inarguably, July through November are the best rates, but this is the time you want that travel insurance to ensure if a hurricane comes through you won’t be out money if you miss your flight. You also have street dancing, steel drum competitions and more at the Lucian Carnival, which starts in June and ends in July. Plenty of local festivals like La Rose, Roots and Soul, and Arts and Heritage month await you.

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