Bird Watching on your St Lucia Vacation

A St Lucia Vacation can include bird watching and its not just for the ornithologists or Twitchers.

During the summer months, seabirds from Africa migrate across the Atlantic to the Maria Islands at the southern tip of St. Lucia to nest and breed.

Maria Islands (major and minor) are a great place for an up-close bird watching experience.  The rocky shores of the island can be reached in a fishing boat.  Birds will fly all around you – so many of them that even the widest camera lens will not capture a fraction of them. You might be tempted to stare up in awe with your mouth hanging open, but this is not advised. Watch out for the endless bird-dropping missiles from the sky!
A guide is recommended as they can show you many interesting things along the way, including the St. Lucia Ground Lizard which is endangered. These islands of St. Lucia are also home to the rarest snake in the world! It’s called the Kouwes, or St. Lucia Racer (and yes, it’s fast).

The island has cacti, as the island is so hot and rocky. The volcanic rock beneath your feet which is black, sucks up the heat from the sun like a frying pan.

For non regular bird watchers wherever you go you will see many of local birds everywhere, including parrots (known locally as the Jacquot Parrot) in the rain forest, play golf and you will see many of the local variety of birds such as St Lucia Pewee.

When you book your  vacation in St Lucia and stay at Akasha you have a nature park right behind the villa. So bring your binoculars or if you forget them we have some at the villa so that you can enjoy these birds in paradise close up.


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