Cabot Saint Lucia Golf Resort

Cabot Saint Lucia Golf Resort

Tourists who wish to visit the beautiful island of Saint Lucia will have another resort choice in 2021. The Cabot Saint Lucia Golf Resort is set to open on the Caribbean Island in 2021, although no firm date has been shared. The resort is designed to be away from many of the other resorts already populating the island and to cater to golfers.

Mike Keiser stated he is a property guy and since he opened Bandon Dunes on a secluded section of Oregon Coastline for golfers, he has had players from around the world visiting his location.

Mr. Keiser said there is an ideal type of ground for golfing, sandy soil, with an oceanside and plenty of character to ensure there are hills and swales to make the turf more fun and challenging to play.

He decided a new adventure needed to take him away from Oregon, but to a location that could offer seclusion and the right terrain. Keiser has found everything he wants on Saint Lucia. The Caribbean island grabbed his attention during a visit once, and it took his breath away. Now he will be creating an exciting golfing site for players around the world.

Ben Cowan-Dewar stated Mr. Keiser is seventy-four and one of the best developers of remote golfing locations. Cowan-Dewar is Keiser’s partner for the resort. More than golfing will be offered at the resort to keep guests entertained, but those who are looking to come to the island should be aware the amenities are more about golfing than diving or other sports.

The secluded land purchased by the two partners is also meant to provide one of the best golf courses possible without other resort noise interfering. The building is a fantastic construction of wood, glass, and brick, which takes advantage of the surrounding beauty.

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