Castries St Lucia is THE Destination

Castries St Lucia is THE Destination

According to one travel website’s data, there is a 150% spike in interest for Castries, St. Lucia. In 2017, the hurricane damage slowed tourism a bit during the fall and winter seasons, but now there is renewed interest in the Caribbean and in particular Castries.

Castries is home to beautiful beaches, stunning architecture, and St. Lucia resorts. The town is on the northeastern side of the island, away from Vieux Fort, where the international airport resides. It is also the capital of the island.

Travelers can use George F.L. Charles Airport to arrive in Castries or drive from the larger international airport in Vieux Fort. The airport has a small strip which is near Vigie Beach. For those who do fly in, it is a fun view to see the landing strip, the beach, and several of the homes in the resort town.

Castries can also be reached via the ports. Pointe Seraphine is the main cruise port. But there is also Le Place Carenage for cruise ships. The Industrial Port is designed more for ships bringing in goods. Both port spaces allow visitors to exit on the main streets to ensure tourists can get a feel for the island life. Duty Free shops are right at the ports to make it easy to grab items tourists desire. Shoppers can also get discounts in some of the stores if they show their passport or airline ticket, particularly when visiting La Place Carenage Shopping Plaza. La Place Carenage is more for the lower priced souvenirs and Pointe Seraphine provides higher end retailers.

The Castries markets are also popular and not too far from the cruise ship terminals. The shops are open Monday through Sunday. Here guests can find handmade goods from local retailers. It is also possible to shop at the local food market, which has provided fresh goods since 1894.

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