Celebrating Name Origin In Saint Lucia

Celebrating Name Origin In Saint Lucia

Every year, St. Lucians honor the origin of their islands name with a festival. The celebration happens on December 13, and for those lucky enough to be around, it is a history, culture, and entertaining lesson. St. Lucia was known as Lyanola, but in 800 AD the island became Hewanorra.

The Latin translation became Sancta Lucia and then St. Lucy, to what many refer to as Saint Lucia Island. The day of the celebration may be the 13th of December; however, many St. Lucians begin preparing weeks before it takes place. Communities come together to create handmade lanterns for a Festival of Lights in the capital. All lanterns are professionally judged, in public, and the winner is given an award.

A change this year, was the first Royal Saint Lucia Turf Club horse racing event. A concert followed up the Festival of Lights and horse racing entertainment. Marigot Bay Resort and Marina also provided entertainment for the islanders, their guests, and other visitors.

Hewanorra is the capital of St. Lucia and where much of the entertainment occurs. Although, small communities also have their celebrations for those who might not have time to go to the capital. Hewanorra is where many travelers first land because of the international airport. The airport is undergoing a redevelopment to make room for the increasing visitors to the island.

Airlines, despite a little trouble a few months ago, are continuing to ensure their flights bring people to the island. There are also increases in cruise traffic to make it easier for all travelers to arrive. In addition, to these changes, Taiwan announced they will continue to partner with St. Lucia for mutually beneficial tourism reasons. For travelers, the construction and government agreements might not matter most, but they do make it easier to have a warm holiday, on a beautiful island.

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