Want the Perfect Honeymoon – then come to Paradise in St Lucia

A Perfect Honeymoon is something that requires planning – not planning for it is one sure way to get off on the wrong foot, not what you want to do for your new life together. So here are some steps we at Akasha St Lucia’s Best Villa Rental think you should consider to make your honeymoon perfect;

  1. Start planning early – probably at the same time you start planning your wedding.  Some people know where they want to go for their honeymoon before they know who they will marry, so ask you partner where they want to go, they may already know.  St Lucia has been voted the top Honeymoon destination in the Caribbean for the last 8 years. So there must be something it has to offer you.
  2. Having decided where you want to go, things to consider should include; the local weather at that time of the year – it maybe not be perfect but is it OK for you? what do you want to do while you are there – just chill and sunbathe or be more active? do you want be alone or do you want lots of other honeymooners around? do you want cook for one another or be totally pampered by an all inclusive? do you want to make this a once in lifetime trip?  When you book at Akasha, you have the choice of everything you could imagine from Spa treatments to just chilling to Scuba diving – but main thing is we leave you to decide.  You are on your schedule not our set routine which just happens to suit us.  You decide what, when and where and we do the rest.
  3. Having thought about the points above you will get a sense of the budget you will need – is it too much or are you happy with it?  You could always ask your parents or friends to chip in for your honeymoon.  When you book direct with the Owners you have the choice of a honeymoon package or “a la carte” honeymoons which are both luxury personified.
  4. Do you want to handle the booking yourself or are you happy to let an Agent handle the logistics etc for you?  Well why not ask the Best Man or Maid of Honour to do the prep and booking for you. Maybe someone in the family is a great planner and event organiser – their service will be free!

So these are just some of the major things you need to consider for that perfect honeymoon – we think St Lucia and St Lucia’s Best Villa Rental make the perfect choice for those who want to make their honeymoon memorable. Just complete the Contact Form with what you want and we will give you a personal quote and make all the local arrangements.

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