Exploring Soufriere Saint Lucia

Exploring Soufriere Saint Lucia

Saint Lucia may be a small island, but there are still cities to visit that offer diversity. Soufriere is considered the heart and soul of Saint Lucian culture, with its colonial-era buildings scattered throughout the streets. Soufriere offers wooden storefronts and a beautiful seafront, plus access to the Pitons.

Top on the list to make sure you visit is Sugar Beach. It is one of the best beaches on the island with plenty of swimming, snorkeling, and sunbathing available.

Sulphur Springs is a natural feature on the island. The springs are near the volcanic crater—the area vents Sulphur giving it that gas smell. Tours are available, and in some areas, it is possible to get into the thermally heated river for a little relaxation. The river has been blocked to form small pools for sitting in the mineral water.

Diamond Falls Botanical Gardens and Mineral Baths are part of an old estate. The baths are circa 1784, built on top of the hot springs during King Louis XVI’s reign when the French occupied the island. It is possible to take a swim in the public pools or go into the private, enclosed, bathhouse. The gardens are one mile from Soufriere. Walking through the gardens will take visitors along a delightful trail with a waterfall. You can hire a guide to walk around the park and tell you about the flora of the area. There is no fee for the guide, but there is an entrance fee.

Fond Doux Plantation is known as a bijou hideaway. It is a working cocoa processing plant with a chocolate making tour available, plus a house bar. There is also a hike that takes visitors to a lookout; however, you must be hotel guests to use the trail.

Soufriere is definitely a place to visit while on the island if you do not book your resort stay in the area.

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