Facts To Know About Saint Lucia

Facts To Know About Saint Lucia

Saint Lucia, a Caribbean Island, offers a tropical destination with numerous beaches and resorts. Highlights of the island include the drive-in volcano in Soufriere and the sulfur springs. Additionally, you may want to seek out the Botanical Gardens, Pigeon Island National Park, Fort Rodney, and the Pitons.

Fort Rodney is a historic British military Base and one of the heritage sites that depicts the fight between the French and British for control of the island. The Pitons are two peaks in the southern area of Soufriere. From the peaks, you can see across the sea and around the island. Gros Piton is the tallest and requires knowledge of hiking.

Tourists come to Saint Lucia from January to April because it is the drier season. In addition, late summer through autumn is often less expensive due to hurricanes which can interrupt one’s holiday.

Saint Lucia is undoubtedly a tourist destination, particularly for those who are getting married or are on their honeymoon. Much of the economic dependence is on the tourist industry, but the island has its fair share of local farms, including the banana market. In addition, much fresh fruit and seafood are bought from Saint Lucian farmers to provide food at the numerous resorts.

As you plan your trip, consider visiting the five cities and their attractions. The Castries is the capital, while Soufriere is the old capital. Vieux Fort, Gros Islet, and Marigot Bay are the other cities. There are a few smaller towns, but most stay in Marigot Bay, Gros Islet, the Castries, or Soufriere.

Marigot Bay provides access to the beaches, marina, and many water sports you might wish to enjoy.
The best way to visit Saint Lucia is by plane, but they also have a cruise terminal for those who want to see more of the Caribbean.

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