New Ferry Service

The Government of Trinidad has announced that a Barbados company will be running a new ferry service across the Caribbean. Initially, the ferry will carry passengers, vehicles and goods from its base in Trinidad and Tobago to Grenada, St Vincent and the Grenadines, St Lucia and Barbados.

The company, Fast Caribbean Ltd has been selected to manage a regional ferry service scheduled to come on stream this year, They are based in Barbados so well known across the region. The service will will carry passengers, vehicles and goods from Trinidad and Tobago to St Lucia and other islands.

Apparently the operators plan to charter from owners Montrose Global a 112-metre wave piercing catamaran similar to those operating on the Trinidad and Tobago route. This promises to be a fun way to commute between island and takes the infrastructure in the region to the next level.

So from Port of Spain to Barbados will take approximately 12 hours suggest you pack some reading material and lots of sun tan lotion. The wind can give you a tan as well as that great sunshine – so protection is advised.

This means in the future when you book a holiday at Akasha you can take a short break in Trinidad as well. As part of our service to guests we will offer to purchase tickets for you from St Lucia, all part of our service when you book a holiday in St Lucia and stay at Akasha.

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