Fly in from France

St Lucia is becoming more popular as shown by the increased number of airlines flying to St Lucia than a few years ago. The latest is Air France which as of December 11, 2011 and on a year round basis, entered into a code share agreement with Air Antilles.

This will allow passengers smooth transit from Fort de France in Martinique to Saint Lucia’s George Charles airport (SLU). Forty-eight airline seats are available three times weekly (Wed, Fri, Sun) from Orly Airport in Paris to Fort de France and on to Saint Lucia. French travelers will now be able to easily cross to St Lucia after years of wondering what lay across that short span of water. So by flying over they can sample St Lucia’s delights including the annual Jazz Festival and street parties including the Gros Islet.

Akasha welcomes all nationalities and hopes to welcome french guests to come and enjoy the super facilities it offers – there is nothing like it on the island. Thankfully all that hostility between the French and British finished hundreds of years ago in the Caribbean.

In addition, the French airline Air Caraibes increased their services to four flights for winter 2011-2012 from Orly to Saint Lucia, with smooth transit arrangement in Fort De France. In both instances, the luggage is checked through directly to Saint Lucia.

So, Bonjour, Accueil and Au revoir mon ami, are some of the words we hope we hear in the villa in the near future. When you stay at St Lucia’s most luxurious villa our on-site team may just use break into french. No matter what language you speak a warm welcome along with sunshine awaits your St Lucia Vacation.


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