Free British Airways Flights

Everyone likes to get the most value for their money so why would you turn down the chance to get free flights from the UK to St Lucia.

If you fancy the chance of getting a free flight then get down to Victoria Station on Monday 28th January 2013. For 7 days you can enter the British Airways competition to win free flights. From 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. you can enter the BA Ticket Giveaway. Play their flight simulator game and the best score every 15 minutes wins. Tickets are going to be available for flights to a host of places including St Lucia,Barbados, St Kitts, Tobago, Sri Lanka and Orlando. Every winner will get a pair of tickets.

The destination may vary every day but you can check on London Evening Standard and Metro where the tickets on offer are for.

The flight simulator is B777 so go and get some practice in first if you are serious about this.

If you cannot get to Victoria then all is not lost. Take a look at British Airways Facebook for details and the chance to win your free tickets.

As an extra bonus the Owners of Akasha, St Lucia’s best known villa will give you a discount of 25% if you go and play, that’s right you don’t have to win the free flight, just enter. We just need to see the entry ticket. That’s 25% off your booking to Akasha.

So if you fancy a luxury holiday in St Lucia staying at the island’s most luxurious villa then get yourself down to Victoria and book Akasha.

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