Kid-Friendly Activities In Saint Lucia

Diamond Botanical Gardens

Saint Lucia is often touted as the top wedding destination in the Caribbean with its pristine white beaches, romantic sunsets, and personal rental villas. But you can enjoy Saint Lucia with a family. There are several locations considered kid-friendly that will ensure a fun-filled vacation. Here are some of the best activities to do with children.

1. Pigeon Island
It is an islet with fortress ruins and a beach. Kids can explore the old fortress structure before enjoying a bit of time playing in the sand. For adults, the views are spectacular.

2. Gros Piton
You may not want to go to the top of the Gros Piton with your children, depending on their hiking expertise; however, going a little way to the top will offer some excellent hiking and beautiful views. Your kids will enjoy the sights, including some of the birds and small critters that can be found along the trail.

3. Marigot Bay
The bay is lined with resorts and recreation activities from boating and sailing fun to nearby beaches and snorkeling.

4. Rodney Bay
Another bay not to miss with kids is Rodney Bay. It is a bay with a beach, a marina, and much more. The bay makes the water more comfortable to handle for little kids who do not want the larger waves splashing.

5. Diamond Botanical Gardens
Complete with waterfall and baths, the botanical gardens offer information regarding native flora to the island, plus a fun place for kids to walk around and expend a little energy.

These five things to do in Saint Lucia are just a small showing of what you and your family can enjoy while on the island. Whether your kids love to swim, build sandcastles, or want a new experience like snorkeling, Saint Lucia can offer anything you might wish to do with your children.

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