Live Saint Lucia’s Lifestyle

Live Saint Lucia’s Lifestyle

Covid-19 has taught us to enjoy life, to take longer holidays, and simply live while we can. Saint Lucia launched an extended-stay program to help visitors get the most out of a holiday to such a beautiful destination. Officials are encouraging travelers to stay for six weeks; especially, during the summer months. The program includes a tour specialist that will help guide you around the island. These specialists will help you experience the island like you would never get to if you were only there for a week or two.

The Live It Island Specialists tailor all island activities to suit you, whether you want to learn how to cook Creole dishes or explore the rainforest. You can even discover the best reefs and dive for most of your vacation if you wish.

Live It is designed to work for families and remote workers. Any traveler who can come for up to six weeks can get the whole immersion experience. The specialists will welcome you to the airport, offer VIP services, and ensure the weekly itineraries fit your needs.

Free Wi-Fi will make it easy to log into your work when necessary, whether you are on the beach or enjoying your vacation time. There will be a perfect balance between work and play for those who need it.

The customized trips ensure you get to know Saint Lucia, its people, and its culture. With bespoke experiences, you should seriously consider booking your holiday now. Plenty of hotels and villas are set up for the utmost Covid-19 safety protocols. However, with such great deals on bespoke vacations, you do not want to wait. Think about the culinary exploration, rejuvenation package, or the quintessential Saint Lucia tour. You can take any packet and modify the itinerary to fit you and your family or work schedule.

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