Living Abroad Caribbean Style – a permanent St Lucian Vacation

St Lucia has so much more than just beaches and sunshine – its where so many people want to vacation or move to.  Think about all that sunshine and constant vitamin D – no winter syndrome here.

Living Abroad approached Akasha last year and asked if we would be happy to feature in their magazine – as ever we are always happy to be featured in quality publications. Check out the magazine on Page 51.

So if you have ever dreamed about vacationing or living in paradise then this publication is for you.

Here, in St Lucia you can enjoy the rain forest, mountains, volcano and waterfalls – plus your normal paradise features like clear blue sea, golden sunsets and sunshine every day.  Oh don’t forget the local wildlife – truly amazing.

Here the climate is so good anyone can grow everything, mother nature gives it all to you on a plate.  No wonder the Arawak tribes came here.

So as you can see your Caribbean vacation in St Lucia can lead to a new way of life – what you might find in paradise.



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