Luxury St Lucia Villa Rental Features in Top Architecture and Design Magazine

St Lucia’s Most Luxurious Villa Featured in Decoist – Architecture and Design

Akasha is getting more recognition for its architecture and design by the Decosit – web magazine

Here is what the magazine had to say;

“Amazing rental villa in the Caribbean featuring exceptional panoramas”

“Astonishing views of the Caribbean Sea combined with a luxurious interior design makes this next villa an amazing place for a vacation. Located in St. Lucia, Caribbean, the Akasha Villa surprises its guests with its relaxed lifestyle but also steals your heart through the extraordinary combination of contemporary furniture and large, modern interiors.”

“Accentuated by the bright Caribbean sun, the villa’s exceptional design features floor to ceiling windows that offer an unobstructed panorama and an amazing pool for those special days when all you want to do is take it slow. You can rent it here. Enjoy the exterior terraces and then step inside the modern rooms to benefit from high-class technology and contemporary furniture and decorations.
The atmosphere can be changed according to your wishes with the help of blue LED lights that create a tranquil environment. The lounge, dining space and the fully equipped kitchen will have you feeling at home, while the mesmerising panoramas will show you what heaven looks like.”

To check out the article in full you can check out Decosit

Clearly they agree with us about this Luxury Villa Rental. Come and visit us for your vacation and you too can see in person the design, architecture and fittings when you rent this Luxury Villa Rental. So make your decision about how inclusive you want your vacation of a lifetime.

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