Luxury St Lucia Villa welcomes its first wedding party and honeymoon couple

St Lucia`s most luxurious villa rental Akasha is pleased that it has secured its first wedding party next year.

St Lucia was once again voted as the top spot in the Caribbean for honeymoons – that is 8 years running. Weddings in St Lucia are easy to arrange with the help of a local specialist. Akasha Villa Rental will work with your chosen planner and make sure Akasha is looking great for the special day.

If you are thinking about getting married here it is worth knowing what documents you will need. So make sure have the following documents:
1. Birth Certificate
2. Passport or other Valid ID proof

Also in certain circumstances you may be required to have;

  1. Death certificate of former spouse (in case of a widow or widower)
  2. Papers relating to name change
  3. Final divorce decree, if one or both are divorced
  4. Proof of parental consent if any one or both the individuals are below 18 years of age

Permission for marriage has to be sought through an application made to the Attorney General who issues the license after a short residency period and your local planner will advise you about this and organise it.

You have a choice of where in the villa to hold the ceremony – take a look at the various terraces and sun deck or maybe you prefer the the entertainment area

Don`t forget that Akasha St Lucia Villa Rental offers flexible honeymoon packages With these you can chose what you want to include for own honeymoon.

If you are considering getting married in paradise then complete the Contact Form and we will be happy to assist you and put you in touch with the right people.

Our happy couple on this occasion will be accompanied by some of their closest friends and family members for the ceremony and their reception at St Lucia`s most Luxurious Villa Rental.

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