National Park on your doorstep when you stay at St Lucia’s Best Villa Rental

Akasha not only boasts many features but it can also now boast the fact that the hill behind the villa is a National Park and actually owned by the St Lucia National Trust. This means no one can build on this land and that it is accessible to members of the public.

Mr. Christopher Lutz of Cambridge, Massachusetts donated the property called Morne Pavillon located at Cap Estate to the Saint Lucia National Trust to be held in perpetuity as a nature reserve. The donation was facilitated by The Nature Conservancy (TNC) and the Government of Saint Lucia. In donating this 9.38 hectare property, Mr. Lutz reiterated his concerns over the rapid loss of green space in the north of Saint Lucia and requested the Trust to declare the property inalienable under Section 10 of the Saint Lucia National Trust Act Chapter 6.02 of the revised Laws of Saint Lucia, which Council did on July 21st, 2010.

From this land you get super views of Martinique and St Lucia. At the top you can walk around an old fort which was used once by the English during the continuing wars with the French over the islands in the Caribbean. The entrance to the park is a short walk from the villa, a mere 5 minutes. You can trek up to the top – you wont be disappointed with the views. Not many people know that this is the best view in the north of St Lucia. The views from Akasha, St Lucia’s Best Villa Rental are almost as good.

Its not as high as the Pitons nor does it take as long to hike up – use it as a warm up for the Piton.

So when you come to stay at St Lucia’s most luxurious rental villa this park is a super short hike which most of us can manage. Akasha can organize your hike to the Pitons as well as many other activities.

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