Partying in St. Lucia

Partying In St Lucia

Once the Coronavirus is under control and travel is back on everyone’s mind, traveling to Saint Lucia might be the first place you want to go. Saint Lucia is a small Caribbean island with a big heart, fantastic culture, and plenty of activities.

Saint Lucia is a beautiful place to visit between May and June when the temperatures are warm without being too hot like it is later in summer. Room rates are also better around this time of year.

One thing you can be sure of with the virus—more affordable travel—the industry will need to get back on its feet, no matter where you choose to go. While Saint Lucia is more affordable, there are several reasons to go.

Saint Lucia is known mostly for being a volcanic island, which led to the formation of the Pitons and Mount Gimie, which is 950 meters or 3,120 feet. The volcano is no longer active, and it is possible to drive close to it. In fact, you can drive into it. You will see amazing views, although there is still a scent of sulfur around the area.

Like most of the Caribbean, June through November is the rainy season for the island, and July and August offer the hottest months.

If you choose Saint Lucia, once the virus is lessened, you will be able to scuba dive, snorkel, enjoy the beach, hike, or swim in infinity pools. Tourism, for now, has been suspended to ensure the spread of the virus does not affect the local culture, crops, and animals.

However, as soon as travel resumes, you can expect hotels to offer deals, the music parties to resume, and flight deals. Flights are provided daily from the US, plus you can island hop with ease if you want to see more of the Caribbean.

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