Perks of St. Lucia Hotel

The Marigot Bay Resort and Marina

The Marigot Bay Resort and Marina is not the only place you can stay in St. Lucia; however, they announced a recent stay package that might entice fitness fans. With all-inclusive packages and plenty of food and drinks around the island, visitors might have trouble deciding what not to eat, even if they are health fans. After all, you have unique desserts, fresh fruit, various smoothies, and alcoholic beverages, and it is your holiday.

Guests who decide to stay at the Marigot Bay Resort and Marina can take advantage of the new AbSoLucian program created by the fitness personnel at the resort. The program offers classes three days a week. Yoga, meditation, Pilates, cardio, Zumba, power walking, hill climbing, and training sessions are available.

There is music throughout the class to help ease guests into relaxing during the fitness offerings. It is possible to relax or get motivated. Whether it is a class, walking, or jogging, visitors will be able to find a balance between the desserts and other eating choices.

The best part about the AbSoLucian program is the complimentary party to the fitness program. Guests can enjoy their fitness choice simply by staying at the hotel.

The perks of this particular St. Lucian hotel are highlighted, but it does not mean other hotels lack health and fitness offerings. Scuba diving, snorkeling, swimming, and fitness areas can be found at other hotels on the island.

When you select St. Lucia for your holiday, you will want to examine the entertainments, food, shopping, and fitness choices to see which location makes the best fit. Several of the villas have private infinity pools for people who wish to enjoy a swim each day, without contending with other hotel guests. You also have hiking options around the volcano, in the forest, and beach walks that help you keep fit.

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